Self Defense: An Inside Look

The shocking truth why most self defense techniques
won't work on the street!

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Will traditional self defense training work on the street?

The truth is much of what is taught in most traditional styles of self defense training and street fighting techniques should be much simpler and more direct than what is taught in most dojos and dojangs.

Many systems of self defense teach high kicking, complicated wrist maneuvers, hard to hit pressure points and other techniques that most likely would never work under the stress of a street attack. Continue reading....

Dealing with Multiple Attackers

It's interesting to read articles in leading martial arts magazines about fighting or defending against more than one opponent.

Some of the authors make it sound easy. They claim that if you know what you're doing you can... Continue reading...

Do most street fights go to the ground!

It has been said (mostly by those who are promoting grappling systems and videos) that most street fights go to the ground. But what is the basis for these supposed facts?

I don't know about you but most street fights, including bar fights and even road rage fights I have seen are over in about ten or fifteen seconds. Usually the person who lands the first good shot and follows up with several more, is the winner. Continue reading...

The Truth About Women and Self Defense

Can a one hundred and ten pound women really defend herself against a two hundred pound man? The answer... Continue reading...

Using Weapons for Self Defense

Occasionally one of my students will ask me what I think about using weapon for self defense. They are not talking about guns or even knives but the more common things like pepper sprays, key batons, mace, etc.

Inherently there are a few problems...Continue reading...


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Self Defense & Street Fighting Techniques

Welcome to Self-Defense-World. This website is dedicated to bringing you the best articles and information on effective and realistic self defense and street fighting techniques.

Exposing the Reality

Much of what is being taught today in martial arts schools, seminars and videos,street-self-defense just won't work on the street! Our goal is to expose the truth about real self defense and give our visitors some insight as to what they can do and where they can go for some answers.

Click here to learn how to defend against the 30 most common street attacks.

Self Defense & The Adrenal Rush

The number one factor in effective self defense is dealing with the adrenal rush which is the natural result of aggression.

This 'adrenaline dump' as we call it, can have devastating effects on our minds and body. For self defense to be effective in the real world, this single factor (the adrenal rush) must be addressed. Continue reading...

New...Military Self Defense - Hand to Hand Combat Techniques - Learn how the military trained it's special forces troops to fight in hand to hand combat. Although filmed over a half century ago, the techniques demonstrated and taught are extremely effective and just as useful today as they were then. Learn more...


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